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“Idaho’s oldest and best exotic entertainment has been providing adult entertainment to Idaho since 1991. Coconuts Entertainment is the leader in private party entertainment. If you are looking for the best looking, most exciting male and female dancers in Idaho, look no further.”

August 13,2011-I have to say "waddup" to my brethren up in Crouch...Brady, keep it real and walk that aisle proud! Also, thank you Manny and Kat for picking the very best and maria, we hope you enjoyed Tyce!

August 20,2011-Thank you to Anthony, Brandon, Darren and Mat for being the smartest of Best Men and choosing Coconuts Entertainment to send your Bachelors off in style. And Amanda, thank you for having one of our "Olympians" at Opa to embarrass McKayla on her special night. We appreciate you all!

August 27, 2011- Where do I begin...I know, Joe kicked it with Madi and Kasara on the one and only Party Bus (thanks Casey!) where we got a little crrraaaazy with Zack for his Bachelor party. Thanks for feeding us too much JD, we're still feeling the effects :-p. Terry, Candy and Michelle, we hope Nick and Tyce provided the wildness you were looking for...Lou, it was great to meet you, dont work too hard and thanks again for having Madi be a part of your special night :) Chris; Kaizer loved you guys, what a great way to party (u know), we appreciate you!!!

September 3, 2011- Alrighty then, here we go....thank you Tony for having us up in Riggins, we had a blast! Karen, we hope Nick knocked your socks off (and we know he had his off pretty quick). Jim, we appreciate you having us out at the Red Eye in Kuna, its our home away from home.

September 10, 2011- Big weekend and lots of parties so here's our big shout out to all the smart people who chose Coconuts Entertainment to spice up their shows: Thank you Elliot, Scott, Miguel, Tyler, Mike, Leiland, Matt, Harry, Nate, Vanessa and Steve. You are all the bomb!

September 17, 2011- Back to Twin Falls and hanging with Timmy and the boys. Rob hooked us up with a portable stripper pole and Kasara and Aeva took full advantage...too cool! Also sending out a thank you to Crystal, Nate, Trevor, Brad and Shawn for your patronage...much appreciated :)

September 24, 2011- We had 3 girls out at Whiskey Roes in homedale, once again. Thanks for letting us spread the magic at your hoppin party spot we enjoy being there. Jesse rocked it again at Hannahs (stripgram #3,122 and counting at those guys) and, as usual, was swarmed when it was done. Big thanks to this weekends party planners: Yasmina, Mark, Kristy, Omar and Nicole :-p

October 1, 2011- And then there was Barry, Katie, Judy and Nancy all of whom got up close and personal with our power hotties! Once again we played on the Party Bus and shook the wheels off. If only the other drivers on the street knew what was going on on that bus (we'd have the world's largest traffic jam). Thanks everyone, here's your good mojo ***

October 7 through November 12, 2011- Yep, I'm busted, 4 weeks and no posts, inexcusable!!! So where do I begin? Of course with James and Trisha. Our Gooding pals tied the knot and the Coconut Girls saw em off in style. We wish them the very best! Mr. Porter and Steely had us come to Jackpot and the Coconut Girls played to a full house ;) Lloyd and his boys came all the way from Texas to see the legendary Coconut Girls and said they were glad they made the trip. Zack had us back out at the shop on Linden and Madi and Kasara made the grade on his Wall of Fame. We also have to give a special thanks to Kelsey, Franky, Dave, Jesse, Marshall, Victor, Grady, Joe, Katie, Barry and Poochie, we hope to see all of you again and again and again.....

November 12, 2011 through January 3, 2012- Ok, Happy New Year to you all! Our rundown this month looks like this: A big thanks to Jason for having Kasar and Austin on the Party Bus in Applebee's parking lot, YUM, and I ain't talkin bout da food, if you know what I mean ;) We appreciate Hector for having us back at his place...Mucho diversion grande! Thanks to Chris for taking care of Kaizer and Madi for us at your promo party in Mountain Home. Speaking of Mountain Home, I tip my hat to Tye and all boys at the shop over on Canyon Creek Rd in Mountain Home. For the 5th time, you guys took care of business and were a class act. Thanks for helping us break in the new girl...I have to give some love to Shawn at Mustang Sally's in Paul. We thank you for your kind praise for our Male and Female reviews. We had a blast, and cannot wait for round 2. Same goes for Debbie at the Lincoln Inn in Gooding and Frank and Jack at Outlaws and Angels in Bliss. You all are very much appreciated and our Men of Olympus were impressed with your establishments and enjoyed doing both of your reviews. See you again real soon! Special thanks to to Kit, Brandy, Kelly, Rick, John, Jose, Charlotte, Randy, Ray and Amy. We value your patronage and look forward to serving you again!

January 3, 2012 through February 11, 2012- I'm late (are you surprised?) and have people to thank; Sanja, we hope Kasara was Sam's best present of the night. Derek, Madi had a ball at your party and can't wait to see your friends this summer. We heard Alexandra enjoyed her "up close and personal" Bachelorette party with Johnny. It's the "Men of Olympus" MO... jaws dropping and houses rocking ;) Heather, Kasara says she hopes Jimmy wasn't too embarrassed on his 45th and to give you a big hug! Kudos to Frank, Chris, Tom, Jolene, Ed, Shawn, Kristi and Jay for your support and hope to see you again soon!

February 11, 2012 through June 19, 2012- Yep, I'm a slacker...end o story :( o, I am gonna make this quick; Thanks to everyone who we've came, saw and kicked some a*% with since February. We are gearing up for our best summer ever and have added some new dancers to the mix and new party games to the shows. We can't wait until YOUR party, see you soon!

April 24,2014- Did I mention that I'm a slacker? It's been 2 years since I posted last, but that's what happens when you get busy! We are gearing up for Summer 2014 and we know it's going to be our busiest year ever. Keep an eye on the Guys/Girls' pages, as we will be featuring some new faces in our line-up and cannot wait to show you the goods!